Hi, I’m John, and this is Kaleb. We’re photographers. Light chasers. Storytellers. Brand builders. Armed with our cameras, an eye for great stories and a nose for adventure, we’ve been blessed to do some pretty cool stuff. We’ve survived car crashes, broken bones, stampeding elephants, gunfire and even grueling battles with Customs Officials—whatever it takes to get the shot. We’ve worked in extreme weather across the globe. We’ve become regulars on redeye flights and dominated nearly every Frequent Flyer program there is. We’ve consistently conquered crazy-tight deadlines and kept our clients coming back for more… helping build some of the world’s most celebrated brands along the way.
And now, we’re officially teaming up. Time to Shake ’N Bake. Time to raise the bar. Time to elevate our game. Time to synthesize, synergize, strategize, harmonize and optimize—and other such corny buzzwords. Most importantly, it’s time to take your brand to the next level. We hope you enjoy our latest work. We’d love to collaborate with you, take your creative to new heights and hopefully share a few ridiculous movie quotes along the way. In other words, we’d follow you into the mists of Avalon.
Yours behind the lens,
John & Kaleb |


John Hafner

Based in Missoula, Montana, John has spent the past decade working with a variety of editorial and commercial clients. His assignments have taken him places he could only dream about as a kid—places likeCleveland Heights, Delaware, New Jersey… just kidding… more like Alaska, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Austria, New Zealand, Belize, the Yukon and Argentina. His first photo claim to fame was winning a blue ribbon at the county fair with a grainy, soft-focus, horribly-composed, black and white photo of a pig named Charlie. John’s in his happy place chasing big animals in big country, though he’s equally at home in the studio or directing a crew of Snap-chatting millennials. When not getting frustrated with firmware updates, John enjoys spending time in Big Sky Country with his wife and two dogs—one of which, a Golden pup named Tank—is currently eating him out of house and home.


Phone: 435.830.1046

Instagram: @johnhafnerphoto


Kaleb White

A native Nebraskan, artist, photographer, outdoorsman, husband and dad to two rambunctious boys and a three-legged, zebra-eating Australian Shepherd, Kaleb has also traveled the world with camera in-hand. His eye for great design, tack-sharp imagery and compelling content is second to none, and his personality is more stand up comic than serious shutterbug—which makes him a client favorite on set and a joy to be around. If you don’t believe us, just ask his mom, who refuses to retire her post as president of the Kaleb White Fan Club. Kaleb has a keen eye for detail, a relentless drive to tell the story and make his clients shine, and a creepy collection of spores, molds, and fungi. When not shooting stock or assignment work, he enjoys teaching his boys valuable life lessons, like the importance of not eating yellow snow and not pulling people’s fingers in public.


Phone: 402.416.8606

Instagram: @kalebwhite

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