There’s no place where I feel more alive—no place I’d rather be than behind my camera in Africa...

Africa… for me, this amazing destination triggers a decade’s worth of memories of incredible photo safaris, action-packed hunts and lifelong friendships. It’s a place of immense size and wonder—a place where I feel both at home and lost in an other-worldly mix of sights and sounds. Africa continues to bless me and beckon me to return, and I run back with anticipation and excitement every chance I get. I’ve been fortunate to travel there 10 times—roughly 400 long hours on cramped airplanes—to soak up all that Africa has to offer. From fighting lions and rutting impala to regal kudu bulls, charging Cape buffalo and trumpeting elephants, I've had a front row seat for many incredible African wildlife encounters. Along the way, I’ve shared postcard-perfect sunsets with my wife, stalked elusive game with Bushmen trackers, been nearly stampeded by elephants in Zimbabwe, locked eyes with a blood-soaked, battle-scarred leopard at 10 feet… and formed some of strongest friendships of my life with a motley crew of kindred spirits. There’s no place where I feel more alive—no place I’d rather be than behind my camera in Africa, exploring its diverse landscapes, amazing animals and incredible cultures.

I made a very special, much-anticipated trek to South Africa in August 2018 with a good friend of mine. We spent a few unforgettable days chasing big cats with long lenses at Elephant Plains Game Lodge in the famed Sabi Sands game reserve with Tusk Photo, followed by a week of photography, plains game hunting, fellowship and sightseeing with our good friends at Waterval Safaris in South Africa's Eastern Cape. I could write a novel about the sights, sounds and memories from our trip, but for now, here are the highlights…

Kaleb White